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All About Domain Name Registration For New Zealand Businesses

domain_names-nzIf you are business in New Zealand, you really can’t help but have a presence on the Internet. Like most other people in the world, New Zealanders are finding that it’s more convenient if they use the Internet to find things. That said, if you’re keen about taking your business to the next level, you need to have a website for your business.

Among the first steps required to having an online business registering a domain name. What is a domain name? It’s the website and is composed of a string of characters like for example, How do you choose a domain name? Below you’ll find some helpful tips about selecting your domain name.

A domain is what identifies your business. It works very much like your home address which allows someone to send communication to you. So, when it comes to choosing a domain name, it’s very important that you come up with a domain name that’s easy to remember. If you have a restaurant or some other offline business with a strong client base, use the same name in your website too.

When you’ve decided on a domain name, it’s time to decide on a domain extension. There are many types of domain name extensions, the most common of which is .com, however, in order to distinguish your site as a local New Zealand-based website, you need to use a country-specific domain extension like .NZ.

If you don’t have a local business with a strong clientele, selecting a highly effective domain title isn’t as easy as just putting your company title online. The task is to locate a domain title that’s available, simple, memorable and highly relevant to your clients. Think about the language people associate with your business. Also think about the type of words they may use when searching for the items or services you are offering.

Think of at least two domain names based on the criteria we set above and check if they are available. Our favorite tool to use is the ONECheck tool.

If you’re registering a .nz domain, you will have to register it with an approved registrar for .NZ domains. A complete listing of approved register can be found when you type in “.NZ domain approved registrars” on Google. You could also visit

One thing you need to keep in mind when registering your NZ domain name is that you do NOT own it when you register it. Rather, you’re only authorized to utilize it for time.

Should you register b .nz domain title you will be provided your password referred to as a Unique Authorised Domain Identifier or UDAI. But if you prefer to register a .com domain name, you can you will be provided with Extensible Provisioning Protocol or EPP key.

It’s essential you retain your EPP or UDAI safe simply because they permit you to alter the the privileges of your domain name. With that said, when a website has been developed web-site designers and designers will request their customers for use of these codes. It’s your decision whether or not to provide the information..

One benefit of using a .nz domain title over the .com is that if there’s a dispute related to your website, you can file for dispute resolution service with the country’s Domain Name Commission for free.
This particular service is perfect for anybody who thinks they’ve got privileges to some .nz domain title that another person has registered. This particular service is a great option to filing a law suit, which can be costly.

Aside from the .NZ domain name, you also have the option to register a domain name with the extensions or If you’re registering for your business, you should have version because it’s more secure. is becoming an increasingly popular extension among tech businesses. If you have a popular brand, company name or product, it’s always a good idea to secure both the and extensions versions to avoid your competitors or those cyber squatters from poaching your traffic.

If you are a non-profit organization, society or group, it’s recommended that you register an domain name.


What You Must Look For In a Singapore Cloud Hosting Companies

Singapore-Shared-Cloud-Web-HostingIf you are operating your business in Singapore and you are looking for a cloud hosting company, there are plenty of things you must consider before picking the company to do business with. Among the key things that you must look at include instant services, reliable services, ability to offer real time deployment and many more.
Cloud computing refers to third party network of remote servers that are normally hosted on the internet to manage and store data. A cloud hosting company should provide you with hard drive on the internet or in the internet to help you store and manage all your data. This service is essential because it enables one to access document, photos and video and saved files anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. The service enables you to work at home, in meetings or anywhere on handheld device such as the Smartphone, laptop and desk top

The best cloud hosting companies should be able to offer real time cloud server deployment. It should be blazing fast, offer self healing SSD storage system and scalable so as to guarantee better hosting performance. A company that requires payments to be made annually is convenient and should be chosen instead of that which demands for monthly payments.
Cloud hosting company must have servers that can accommodate both Linux and windows. It should use simple but faster cloud hosting technology that is real time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Top Singapore Cloud Hosting Companies
Choosing a company that is ranked top on cloud hosting comes with greater advantages. One is able to enjoy great and reliable cloud hosting services required to run a business efficiently. The company should be able to store all the information and data that a client owns. This is not only convenient but allows you to access such information any time you want. The company should be able to offer you a hard drive that can allow you to stores all your data on one hard drive.
Some of the main features offered by the top companies include;

  • Supporting different operating systems including windows vista, windows XP, Mac OSX and windows7
  • Provide storage space of more than 20 GB disks
  • Use open stack that guarantees very quick Response
  • Allow you to come up with isolated networks
  • Use cloud networks that should only be supported with open stack powered.
  • Provide 24/7 technical support.
  • It should offer fully automated services
  • Should be encrypted and secure
  • Must have unlimited storage space
  • Support iPhone, iPad, and android APPS.
  • Allow use of an online control panel, ability to share files, unlimited file transfers
  • Automatically synchronize clients’ computer with a chosen schedule
  • Offer back up services to the clients
  • Encrypt all the clients’ files with security.


There are plenty of companies that do not just offer the above services but go a step further and provide additional and exclusive features. Some of the features include:

  • Fault tolerance
  • Allow clients to choose between c Panel control or Plesk WHM and should help one to get RDP/SSH access.
  • Database support
  • Window 2008 Linux hosting standard R2
  • Linux VMWARE
  • Windows VMWARE cloud
  • Windows HYPERV cloud

You really do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy this service. Most cloud hosting companies operate on large scale and enjoy massive economies of scale. Consequently, they are able to operate at minimal cost and pass the benefits to the consumers. Therefore you must window-shop and find a company that charges the least amount.

If you are having a large number of clients and you are tired of having bulky documentation, the only route you should take is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting service has the best solution to all cloud computing needs. It will help you access data anywhere in the world at whatever time he wants. With this service, you will be able to access client’s information from the remotest part of the world if you are already enjoying cloud hosting services. The internet has plenty of information on how this can be done.

Businesses that operate windows have a chance to enjoy cloud hosting with windows that gives one the freedom complete redundancy and enormous scalability. The service is less costly and allows businesses to enjoy many services that are provided to all businesses that operate on windows.